Dental Insurance

How Dental Plans Work

Plans typically cover basic and preventive dental care. Features and benefits vary according to the plan.

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Extensive Range

We offer a wide selection of suitable plans to satisfy your dental needs, both small and great.

Preventative Dental Coverage

Have regular checkups and cleaning to prevent serious and expensive dental issues from developing later on.

Our Dental Insurance Plans

Regular checkups and routine cleaning can enable you maintain healthy dental hygiene, thereby preventing tooth decay and other such issues. Dental insurance is often assumed as an employer-sponsored benefit; however, you can also purchase dental insurance either on its own or as a packaged medical insurance product. Remember that dental insurance doesn’t typically cover dental implants, orthodontia, dentures, teeth whitening and tooth-colored fillings.

Regular Dental Care

Plans typically cover some or all of the expenses for oral tests, cleaning, repair work, cavity fillings and X-rays.

Affordable Dental Insurance

Oral health should not be expensive to maintain. Our dental plans start as low as $19.99*/month.

Overall Health

Your oral health is closely tied to your overall wellbeing.

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