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Health Insurance

Health Insurance is a crucial part of ensuring that you can access the needed healthcare services and emergency treatment. A good healthcare plan can help protect you and your loved ones from unforeseen expenses. When you need to find the most suitable health insurance option for yourself or your loved one, simply call Insurance Advisors of Florida. We offer affordable health coverage plans that can help you save money.

Find a Health Insurance Plan for 2018

Insurance Advisors of Florida can get you the best health insurance plans at competitive rates, meeting your needs within your budget. Contact us today for a healthy tomorrow.

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Life Insurance

As your life changes, your insurance needs also change. Life insurance is a way of securing your family and loved ones’ financial future. The type of insurance plan you purchase and the amount of insurance coverage you choose should be based on your needs and circumstances.

While your employer may provide you basic life insurance, the coverage may fail to meet your needs. In addition, it is no longer applicable when you leave your employment. On the other hand, your age, gender, health, lifestyle and medical history determine the cost of an individually purchased life insurance.

Our Life Insurance Plans

We offer a wide range of life insurance plans to meet your unique coverage needs. Our life insurance plans have the following benefits:

  • Affordable coverage with small monthly payments
  • No medical tests or lab work; just your medical history & other information
  • Easy to apply via email or submit your application online
  • Most applicants are accepted for coverage
  • Help your loved ones take care of your medical and funeral costs, unpaid bills, mortgage and rent payments etc.
We offer solutions that provide tax-free benefits* to your beneficiaries which can help:

  • Replace your earnings to maintain a comfortable lifestyle for your family
  • Secure the future of your dependent(s) by covering education and other needs
  • Pay for your debts and home expenses
  • Cover final costs and funeral expenses

Find Affordable Life Insurance Plans

Insurance Advisors of Florida can provide you an affordable life insurance plan suitable for your individual needs and budget. Contact us today to ensure financial security for your loved ones.

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Medicare Options

Here’s what we have to offer you! Click on each to read more.

Medicare Supplement Insurance
Medicare Advantage Plans
Medicare Part D

Find Affordable Medicare Advantage Plans

Insurance Advisors of Florida can get you the best Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage plans at flexible terms that meet your individual needs and budget. Contact us today to save money on covered medications.

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Accident Coverage

A serious injury can not only cost you a lot of money in the form of medical bills and lost income, but can also impact your overall quality of life. Some injuries are minor while others can be devastating– these also often require long term medical care. In case you get hurt, accident coverage will pay you a specified amount of money that you can use to meet your expenses, pay bills and out-of-pocket medical costs.


Who Will Get Paid?

You will get paid. When you suffer a covered accident or injury, your health insurance company will settle the account with your doctor or hospital; however, accident coverage will pay you directly.


What is Covered?

Every accident is not a ‘qualifying injury’. In fact, the types of accidents covered can vary from plan to plan. However, accident insurance plans typically cover the following injuries:

  • Breaking a limb
  • Loss of a limb or digit
  • Lacerations
  • Burns
  • Paralysis
  • Accidental Death
In case of accidental death, a certain amount will be paid to your designated beneficiary. If you ahve suffered a covered injury, your accident coverage can help you pay for many things such as:

  • Emergency room visits
  • Ambulance transportation
  • Emergency helicopter transportation (in special cases)
  • Hospital admission costs and per diem charges
  • Diagnostic exams and medical tests
  • Follow-up treatments
  • Intensive care and rehabilitation unit care
  • Physical therapy


The Cost of Accident Coverage

Considering your age, residency and how much coverage you desire, the cost of accident coverage can vary widely. In fact, some plans may cost you as low as $15/month or more. On the contrary, for more benefits, you may be charged $50 per month or more.

Things Not Covered

Your accident coverage won’t typically cover matters like routine checkups and hospitalization due to illness. Also, it won’t cover any injuries suffered before you purchased the plan.

Find Affordable Accident Coverage Plans

Insurance Advisors of Florida can provide you the best Accident Coverage plans for your individual needs, circumstances and budget. Contact us today to help you handle any medical and out-of-pocket expenses resulting from an accidental injury.

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Critical Illness Insurance

When a chronic/critical illness strikes unexpectedly, it becomes almost impossible to pay your bills. Critical illness insurance, also called Critical Care Insurance, does not bear your medical bills. Rather, it provides you money to help pay expenses related to a qualifying serious illness. However, you can choose to spend the money on whatever you want.

A typical health insurance plan might cover some health care costs, but the patient often faces other challenges like paying day-to-day expenses while being unable to work. This is when a Critical Illness Insurance plan comes into action. You can use the cash benefits in whatever way you find appropriate, such as for mortgage or rent bills, groceries, prescriptions, treatment by a specialist, out-of-pocket medical costs and transportation.

What is Covered?

Critical illness insurance plans can widely differ. Some may cover a single/specific diagnosis, while others may provide coverage for a wide range of possible diagnoses, such as the following:

  • Blindness
  • Cancer
  • Coma
  • Coronary artery bypass graft
  • Deafness
  • End-stage renal failure
  • Heart attack
  • Loss of hearing
  • Loss of speech
  • Loss of vision
  • Major organ transplant
  • Paralysis
  • Severe Burns
  • Stroke

Critical illness insurance plans allow you to choose the level of coverage that you would like to receive, e.g. between $10k and $100k. The extent of payout for critical conditions depends on the plan you choose.

The Cost of Critical Illness Insurance

Your age and how much coverage you desire determines the cost of a critical illness insurance plan. Typically, you may be required to pay somewhere between $50 and $150 per month.

A Note About Obamacare Requirements

You must note that accident insurance as well as critical illness insurance plans are not major medical health insurance products. This means that these plans do not protect you from federal tax penalties for failing to have health insurance as specified under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In fact, accident and critical illness coverage plans do not carry the minimum required health benefits that major medical health insurance products have.

Additional Details

You often have to go through a waiting period before critical illness insurance can take effect. You may receive benefits for covered conditions only if they are diagnosed 60 days after you purchased the plan. In addition, some plans may also limit your insurance based on age, e.g. plans may become ineffective after the age of 70.

Find Affordable Critical Illness Plans

Insurance Advisors of Florida can get you the best Critical Insurance Illness plans according to your individual needs, circumstances and budget. Contact one of our licensed agents today to ensure that you are covered for critical illnesses such as a heart attack and cancer.

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Dental Insurance

How Dental Plans Work

Plans typically cover basic and preventive dental care. Features and benefits vary according to the plan.

Find the Best Plan

Take advantage of our vast expertise and resource tools to easily find the perfect plan for yourself.

Extensive Range

We offer a wide selection of suitable plans to satisfy your dental needs, both small and great.

Preventative Dental Coverage

Have regular checkups and cleaning to prevent serious and expensive dental issues from developing later on.

Our Dental Insurance Plans

Regular checkups and routine cleaning can enable you maintain healthy dental hygiene, thereby preventing tooth decay and other such issues. Dental insurance is often assumed as an employer-sponsored benefit; however, you can also purchase dental insurance either on its own or as a packaged medical insurance product. Remember that dental insurance doesn’t typically cover dental implants, orthodontia, dentures, teeth whitening and tooth-colored fillings.

Regular Dental Care

Plans typically cover some or all of the expenses for oral tests, cleaning, repair work, cavity fillings and X-rays.

Affordable Dental Insurance

Oral health should not be expensive to maintain. Our dental plans start as low as $19.99*/month.

Overall Health

Your oral health is closely tied to your overall wellbeing.

Customer Support

Need help? Our team of licensed agents and industry experts can recommend the best dental coverage plans suitable for your needs.

Find Affordable Dental Insurance Plans

Insurance Advisors of Florida can provide you affordable dental insurance that meets your individual needs and budget. Contact us today for a healthy and beautiful smile.

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Final Expense

Help Your Family

Losing a loved one is an extremely difficult experience. Trying to pick up the pieces while dealing with certain emotions can be very stressful. Additionally, expenses resulting from death can typically exceed $8000. Consequently, without a final expense insurance plan, most families face a tough time trying to arrange enough funds to meet funeral and other such costs.

Final expense life insurance can help ease this burden by paying for several expenses associated with a funeral. This saves families from having to withdraw their savings or selling precious items to come up with the required funds.

Final Expense Life Insurance

While most people don’t like to think about death, it is necessary to plan for any eventuality. Costs related to death such as a casket, embalming and hearse etc. can have a significant impact on your loved ones. Final expense coverage can help save your family and loved ones from having to bear these expenses out of pocket.

Final Expense Insurance Offers Coverage for More Than Funeral Costs

Your loved ones and beneficiaries can utilize the payout for more than your funeral costs. Most people opt for final expense insurance as it can cover:

  • Funeral and burial exepenses
  • Credit card debt
  • Medical Bills
  • Other end-of-life costs

Find Affordable Final Expence Insurance Plans

Every situation is different, so it is necessary to determine the right coverage amount for your individual needs. Insurance Advisors of Florida can get you the best final expense insurance plans at competitive rates within your budget. Contact us now.

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Hospital Indemnity

Hospital Indemnity Coverage

The costs of medical care, particularly hospital stays, can quickly add up. Even with medical coverage, you may be required to pay for deductibles, co-payments and other out-of-pocket costs. Hospital Indemnity coverage or hospitalization insurance plans can help you be prepared for unexpected medical costs due to a hospital stay. These plans directly pay you a cash benefit whenever you or a covered loved one is admitted to the hospital. The insurance plans can help you manage expenses while you are being treated as an inpatient or outpatient.

Importance of Hospital Indemnity Coverage

In addition to helping you receive cash benefits, a Hospital Indemnity Coverage plan has the following advantages:

  • You do not need to meet a deductible to get your benefits
  • Benefits are predetermined
  • Benefits are paid irrespective of any other insurance plan
  • A single plan can cover your entire family
  • Coverage is renewable until the age of 65

Hospital Indemnity Insurnace is NOT an ACA Minimum Essential Coverage

Hospital indemnity coverage is a supplement to health insurance. It is not a substitute for the minimum coverage required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Consequently, lack of major medical coverage (or some other minimum necessary insurance) may require an additional payment with your taxes.

Find Affordable Hospital Indemnity Insurance Plans

Every situation is different, so it is necessary to determine the right coverage amount for your specific needs. Insurance Advisors of Florida can get you the best Hospital Indemnity Coverage at competitive rates. Contact us now.

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Employee Benefits

We have a number of different group benefits. Click on each to read more.

Group Health
Group Dental
Group Vision
Group Life
Group Disability

Find Affordable Groups Benfits Plans

Insurance Advisors of Florida can get you the best Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage plans at flexible terms that meet your individual needs and budget. Contact us today to save money on covered medications.

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AffordableBlueDental plans look out for every member of your family

Looking for dental coverage with predictable copayments for you and your family? Look no further than BlueDental Care.

  • No pre-existing condition limitations.
  • No deductibles or claim forms.
  • Predictable copayments.
  • No annual maximum benefits.
  • Preventive services such as check-ups and cleaning are covered at little or no cost to you.

We’re Dedicated to Helping You Find the Best Health Plans

Insurance Advisors of Florida is not just a health and life insurance company. We are one of America’s largest and most trusted organizations for competitive insurance quotes and best coverage plans. Whether you are an adult, recent graduate, working without coverage, self-employed, retiring or someone just trying to save money, make the most of this opportunity to request a no-obligation free quote and get your insurance today.

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What a great experience! I was dreading trying to figure out the marketplace and what insurance would work best for my family. Chad and Tina answered all my questions in a way that made it so easy to understand. I highly recommend them and will never go anywhere else to purchase our health, life and dental coverage.
They really know what they are talking about. Their team will help you find the best rates and a plan that’s right for your family.
I recently signed up for Florida Blue with David Silbert. I highly recommend him to anyone searching for insurance. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable and explains the plans thoroughly. So glad David is my insurance agent…..Thank you David!
Alison Mello
Shanel Garrell
Teresa Taylor

Make Blue your Source for Medicare Advantage

When you’re shopping for Medicare coverage, Blue is here to help. We’re your partner in navigating the Medicare landscape, making the most of your health care and feeling confident about your choices.

BlueMedicare Means More

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Attention Medicare Eligibles:

Are you turning 65? Have you recently moved? Are you losing your retiree coverage? Then please read this important notice about a health plan that may:

- Save you money on your out-of-pocket expenses
- Help manage disease-related risk
- Provide coordinated care to help you live better and healthier

Florida Blue may have just the right Medicare Advantage plan you are looking for. If one of the above situations applies to you, you may not have to wait for the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) - you may be able to enroll today!

Just a few of the options available depending on the plan you choose:*
$0 Monthy Premium
$0 Primary Doctor/Specialist Office Visits
$0 Vision and Dental Exams
$0 Preferred Generic Prescriptions
$0 Transportation Coverage